Congratulations to Jessica @ Otaku-Box.com for winning the first icon contest at Dream Fortress, The Lost Orchard. Thank you for participating and hope to see you again!


The lost orchard

The Lost Orchard contest

"Why 'ello there! It appears you have stumbled upon my little, humble abode. Outsiders like to call it "The Lost Orchard".

Probably because a lot of travelers tend to lose their way and... well, I don't mean to frighten you my dear but unguided spirits wander this region. I have been researching a magical source in these region for many decades.

What's that? What want to leave?! YOU CAN'T! You're the only other life form I have actually encountered here. I'm impressed you even made it to the core of this orchard.

How about... you help me discover this magical source and, most likely, we can fix this place and finally get out of here. To be honest, what do you have to lose...?"

Contest details

Type: Icon - 400 x 400

Theme: Magic



Dream Fortress icon contest winner - Jessica @ otaku-box.com