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Congratulations to Jessica @ Otaku-Box.com for winning the first icon contest at Dream Fortress, The Lost Orchard. Thank you for participating and hope to see you again!


Dream Fortress icon contest winner - Jessica @ otaku-box.com

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Welcome to my humble abode, Dream Fortress!

AvatarHey everyone! I have been deliberating on creating this website for ages and I have finally done it. I have decided to make an icon archive website because icons haven't really been a type of content that I provide as resources for visitors. For a while now, icons are something I casually create once in a blue moon but I don't want to just delete them because I've put a lot of effort into them and they show how much I have grown in graphic designing for the past 8 years. They're like my little treasures so I have created a little home for them. I wanted to get this done before I go on holiday so I could announce it in Vizune's next blog post along with all the other massive changes I made to the website.

Vizune has always been a continuing project for the past 7 years and I use Wordpress so I felt a sense of nostalgia making this website from scratch. I'm even using CUTENEWS! Geez... the last time I used Cutenews was probably 2013? It has changed a lot since then, in a good way. Each icon on this site is an individual post because, you may know already from Vizune, I am a neat freak and wanted everything organised. It was long and tedious but definitely worth it.

This site isn't 100% finished, I am temporarily using a web template from Vizune. I'll probably add Disqus as a commenting system. Do more work on the post templates, make them more pretty. I am also considering on expanding on just icons, maybe larger icons (400x400 Twitter icons) or add my forum signatures as an archive, maybe move my icon tutorial here and make more of those, or even start blogging here. But I want to keep this site a casual side project.

Sometimes I feel pressured to withstand a high level of quality on Vizune when I just want to play around on Photoshop. That's probably the reason why I've had a design block for so long (you may have noticed I have only really focused on the resources side and revamped the code of all my web templates). I have loads of PSDs collecting dust on my PC, I've just given up or not sure what to do to make it look better because I'm just not satisifed with the way they look. Right, I have just decided as we speak that I am going to dig them out and FINISH them :P

Okay, I should stop. I just went off on one and started blabbering my heart out haha. Well, hope you like the website whoever stumbles upon here and I hope you have a lovely day <3 Take care!

EDIT (18/06): Uploaded a 100x100 icon for a contest entry at Depressionist


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Posted on 15 Jun 2016 by Sasha

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